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Our shell network provides customers with an additional layer of dDoS mitigation via customized UNIX hardware. Virtually a nullroute-free environment!

Accounts come with plenty of features such as: IRC access, vanity vhosts, personal web space, software mirror, compiling and standard UNIX tools.

Resource Features
Vanity virtual hosts: Yes
Personal web space: Yes
Secure shell (SSH) access: Yes
FTP access: Yes
Network Access
QuakeNet: Yes
IRCnet: Yes
Undernet: Yes
EFnet: Yes
DalNET: Yes
GameSurge: Yes
Freenode: Yes
Other: Yes
Software Features
Eggdrop: Yes
E-Mech: Yes
Psotnic: Yes
PsyBNC: Yes
BNC: Yes
Muh: Yes
Irssi: Yes
BitchX: Yes
Epic: Yes
Mud: Yes
Screen: Yes
Security Features
Proactive backup: Yes
dDoS mitigation: Yes
SIM monitoring: Yes
BFD monitoring: Yes
FAF monitoring: Yes
IDS/IPS system: Yes
Support Features
Custom client area: Yes
dDoS mitigation: Yes
Community forums: Yes
24/7 On-site support: Yes
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Price match
We will price match, or even beat a reasonable offer from our competitors!

Price match
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Shell tools
Our set of tools will allow you to configure and install various IRC programs.

Tools overview
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Uptime guarantee
We offer a true uptime guarantee policy with compensation for failure.

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