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Frequently asked questions

You can find a list of the most common questions we receive and our responses.

Q. How many users can I have on my psyBNC?

A. Each IRC connection is counted as one (1) background. For example if you have psyBNC with two users that would count as two (2) backgrounds. PsyBNC with one user is counted as one (1) background and psyBNC with 4 users is counted as four (4) backgrounds. On sH20 plan with two (2) backgrounds limit you will be able to run psyBNC with two (2) users.

Q. Will you setup my bots/bnc/etc for me?

A. No, we only offer support for shell it self and not third-party software you may choose to install on your shell account.

Q. Can I run a stats program such as PISG on your server?

A. Yes, but you may only update your stats up-to two (2) times per day manually or via Crontab.

Q. What type of upgrade options do you offer?

A. You may purchase a dedicated IP, extra disk space and additional backgrounds via our support panel at any time.

Q. Can I add my friends to my psyBNC?

A. You may not share your services with anyone as per our terms of service. If you need your friend to help you with setting up your shell account you may make a request via support ticket. We proactively monitor account sharing.

Q. Does personal web space come with PHP or CGI support?

A. No, personal web space may only be used for static content. If you require a complete web hosting solution please view our shared web hosting plans.

Q. Do you offer cPanel™ with your shell hosting plans?

A. No we do not. cPanel™ is only available to our shared and reseller customers.