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Different feel:

"I have been with many different companies for shell hosting and have not been satisfied. All My Data just has a different feel to it.

Excellent, fast service, wonderful, helpful tech support, and very fast account setup and tech support responses.

I couldn't be happier with my shellhosting.

With service like this, it makes me wonder why they are not charging two or three times as much money as they are!"

Name: Michael F. Domain: shell customer

Very professional:

"Your company is very professional and my digital pictures load fast for me and my friends overseas, my e-mail is never down and I can send and receive personal videos without any problems.

Thank you!"

Name: Valeriy O. Domain:

Excellent company:

"All My Data has been an excellent company to do business with. They have always been there to answer my questions and help resolve any problems I may encounter... even when it's just been a problem on my end.

The services offered for the price are unbeatable... hard to find an equal value anywhere else. You cant go wrong with hosting your site(s) here."

Name: Jason S. Domain:

Amazing support:

"My experience with technical support was nothing short of a pleasure.

I never received such amazing support from any other company and I'm paying peanuts here. They know their stuff, thats for sure."

Name: Peter Domain:

Reliable hosting:

"All My Data is such a reliable website hosting provider. I have had my account for quite awhile, and I'm amazed at the quality of service that I get for such a low price.

If I have a question, the support team is there for me.

The service is so reliable that I have not experienced any noticable downtime by anyone going to my site."

Name: Chris Domain: shell customer

Great people:

"By far the best hosting company I have ever come across.

Top notch hosting, customer service and great people all around. I would highly recomend this to anyone that want nothing but the very best."


Very responsive:

"All My Data is a great shell account host! It enabled me to securely run anything I could ever want on my shell account. In addition, their tech support was very responsive. I highly recommend their shell account!"

Name: Zachary C. Domain: shell customer

Great uptime:

"Never used such a best service! Great uptime, great service, BEST SUPPORT! This mean I submit an email now and I receive a reply in 5 minutes! BEST SERVICE I EVER SAW!"

Domain: shell customer